Services Provided

Life Choices Clinic offers the following free services to our clients and community:

Pregnancy Tests - We offer free lab-quality pregnancy tests along with a private options consultation. Women with an unplanned pregnancy are able to get information about their pregnancy, and their options including parenting, adoption, and abortion.* Many of our clients meet with our consultants numerous times over the course of their pregnancy and the early weeks, months, and even years of their children’s lives.
(*We do not perform, or refer for abortion.)

Ultrasound Exams - Life Choices clinic offers a limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm that the pregnancy is located within the uterus, find the heartbeat and determine the gestational age (how far along your are). We scan up to 24 weeks. Our ultrasound scans are provided free of charge and are completely confidential. We do not use ultrasound to determine sex. Some restrictions apply.

Sexual Integrity and Healthy Relationships Education - Many organizations–schools, churches, and others–who deal with teenagers and young men and women recognize that the very need for pregnancy counseling often arises from poor choices in relationships and attitudes regarding sexuality. Recognizing that the only truly effective means of preventing pregnancy outside of marriage is to remain abstinent, the clinic promotes healthy choices in sexuality by means of a fun, informative, interactive program that presents the truth concerning God’s plan for us as sexual beings. Also, clients whose pregnancy tests are negative are offered a brief discussion about healthy relationships that focus on secondary virginity.

Material Assistance – Emergency supplies of diapers and baby formula are provided free of charge to those in need.

Life Skills & Parenting Classes - At Life Choices Clinic, we are committed to the on-going welfare of our clients. Our curriculum includes practical and helpful topics such as nutrition during pregnancy, budgeting, housecleaning, and parenting skills. The client is coached with the help of a simple DVD and a matching, easy-to-use curriculum module.

Post Abortive Support - We offer free support sessions for women who are dealing with the after-effects of abortion. They learn to come to peace with their past decision and receive healing for their life. If you have had an abortion and would like to talk to someone about it, we can arrange a session with a trained consultant. You can come to closure and peace.